Les 30 ans de La Marche

In 1983 in France three adolescents starts a pacific walk of more than 1000km going from Marseille to Paris as a protestation against the surrounding racist atmosphere.

The French comedian and film maker Jamel Debbouze releases next wednesday the movie La Marche in commemoration of the 30 years of this event.

For this occasion they decided to make a photo exhibition in which anyone can participate by sending there photo to 2500marcheurs@gmail.com before November 20th. The portraits will then be exposed by Inside Out a concept we have already talk about from the french artist JR as a commemoration of 1983.

Portrait of Charlotte Lebon for this event.

– Xavier


little beauties



walking by the louvre side streets i saw this beautiful building, covered in fine flat metal work. i felt it was so beautiful because it was so thin it looked it could fall off, but it also looked like a sort of protective shell for the building. i was really surprised to see this when walking down the street, it seems really unexpected in contrast with the other buildings and makes it stand out amongst the rest.



caroline joy-elizabeth elie

Street Giant Collages & Art

Some month ago, there were ads for converse everywhere in the metro. And at Place de Clichy, in the metro I saw that. I really liked it.

Photo 22-11-2013 09 43 27

And then, after a little search, I discovered that it was the work of 3 street artists around the Converse ad (asked by Converse and and that is the main interesting point of the story): KASHINK at Place de Clichy,  NIARK1 at Bastille, and finally HOPARE at Gare de l’est.

Interesting design and concept of alive ads, using art. Normally these sort of things are done for nothing and without the brand permission.


– Nirina M –

More pictures :


Converse_Affiche_ShoesAreBoring hopare2 kashink2 niark14

Recycled Coke bottle


I went to a cool hipster bar the other day and I found this very ingenious reuse of empty glass Coke bottles.

They pretty much just took some empty glass bottles and put some steel cocktail pourers (usually used for alcohol or syrup bottles), and then sealed the whole thing with some rubber strips. This “bar tool hack” has mostly a rather aesthetic purpose… even though the small bottles are probably easier to handle than the big standard ones, it takes too much effort pouring the liquids into them and then sealing the tip.


It’s a really really simple hack, but very clever.

The place is called Le Perchoir, and it’s a pretty hip rooftop bar in the 11th. Worth checking it out. Has great hot wine. 😉


– G.

Planet Sushi Car

Planet Sushi Car

I was walking and this caught my eye. It’s really simple. Besides just adding the car wrap to advertise, I think it is very clever to add the fin. I think the color of the wrap also makes it very effective because it stands out from other car colors and the surroundings of Paris.

Christmas Market

Christmas Market

Christmas Market

This is Christmas market near the Madeleine metro station.

it’s interesting that whole street has same decoration.

in Korea, each store has it’s own decorations, so it’s a little confusing.

it looks better to have same decoration.


Minah Lee.

christmas decoration

christmas decoration

This is the christmas display at the Galleries La Fayette. I thought the designers did a good job on arranging the decorations and they utilized the space very well. I liked how they arranged the display exactly in the centre of the building, on top of one of the cosmetic boutiques so that the visitors can have a good view. It was nice how the little figures rotates around the tree.