Full circle

I had to post this for you all since I started the blog with a post about the Paris Metro. Thanks for a great class!





The other day I was at a gift shop and I saw a gift set for a cheap and modern made version of and older device originating from 1838. The latter version shown here is from the 19th century and is one that my grandmother owned. I was surprised when I saw this set and a bit disappointed by the cheap and collapsable metal frame. However it functions exactly the same, you just put the photo in place and look through the lenses to see a 3D image. I really like this magical invention and prefer the older design which i grew up with even though its way beyond my time. But nonetheless I’m glad to see that an old object finding its way into modern life. The view master is also another design I am fond of and remember from my childhood even though it is quite dated, from about the mid to late 1900’s. It is quite a unique invention and I would like to actually try to make some of my own stereogram cards.



Making a Scene

Sorry this post is not really about Paris, but I just love this concept of the NY Times, and the result is completely amazing and poetic.

They just made (very) short movies about the 11 best actors of the year. Each movie is directed and written by a different person. And two really talented frenchies are part of the videos. Julie Delpy co-writed the Greta Gerwig one, and Adele Exarchopoulos , from the controversial movie La vie d’Adele, is one of the selected actors.

My 3 favorites

Strange dinner for Cate Blanchett

Fear for Greta Gerwig

Poetic dance for Bradley Cooper


More videos here :

MAKING A SCENE – New York Times