The Autolib’ service has been put in place in December 2011. It is a electric car sharing service distributed all around Paris. This service help people who do not want to have a car in Paris, having to pay for parking and gas.

The car was designed by the prestigious Pininfarina. When it was launched most of the cars had ‘comic-book-like’ bubble, however they have realised that most of them stayed in the stations and people would mostly take the plain cars so they decided to take it off.

There is still functional problems with this cars. The back windows does not give a proper visibility of the ‘blind spot’, moreover it is rare to find cars, most of the time all of the cars from crowded areas like Opera or Concorde, and then when you find one there is a lot of possibility for the car to have mechanical or electrical problems.

This concepts is extremely useful however it still needs some improvements.



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