Glass Bottle Disposal


This is a scene tat you can see very ofter around Paris. After the weekend, all the restaurants, bars and clubs take the empty bottles out and stack them around the public glass bins that are spread around the streets. The size of those containers is almost never big enough to hold the huge amount of bottles, so people start stacking them around it, creating a mess.

After researching various types of garbage disposal, I have found a great design that would probably solve this problem:


These trash bins actually have a big container (that can vary on size depending on the ground structures), and can store really large amounts of trash without being exposed. Although it is a more expensive solutions, it also helps reducing environmental pollution.Image





8Tracks is an amazing design in internet radio and social networking. A website created by David Porter in 2008.
8tracks is an evolving website I have found revolving completely around people and music like  ( Pandora and Spotify ) but with your own personal tunes.

You can create ( with at-least 8songs ), share, and listen to anyone’s personal playlists or mixes from every genre or sub-genre you could think of in the world to listen to without commercials! Its a simple and sleek design to navigate through and easy access to any kind of music you want. It is connected to a lot of social media’s and accessible through an app as well.

8Tracks, Explore Music.

afternoon jaunt

I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed this on their walks home, but along the way to metro poisonnerie there is this fantastic little piece of street art.


It immediately caught my eye. It is unclear if the spray paint saying “home street home” was added before or after, or even by the same person. The sentiment is witty, as it brings to light the issues relating to homelessness in Paris. As some of the classmates had mentioned, homelessness in Paris is often out of the individuals desire to actual stay on the streets as there are many social systems in place to prevent this. So, in reflecting upon this, when I saw the poster I really understood this idea of the individual choosing to make the streets their home. If we hadn’t spoken about the social system in class, I would have likely looked at this with a much more sad perspective.

caroline joy-elizabeth elie



My first fashion week in paris, my first fashion show. I had to talk about it.

Palais de Tokyo, 20h (on the paper, in reality : 20h40)

Peachoo + Krejberg défilé

I don’t want to talk about the clothes but about the catwalk, with the slow walk of the mannequins. I really loved the scenography, especially the big white screen. Models were like shadow or ghosts when they passed in front of it, at the beginning of their walk.

Found that really lovely and poetic, in a complete adequation with the spirit of the collection.

Eyeglass shaped sign board

eyeglass shaped sign board

eyeglass shaped sign board

at first, i thought that was just street light. That really seems like street light, and even has functional aspect of it at the night. it is in fact the sign of store. this has two function: one is to notice eyeglass store with its shape and the other is function as street light. when it is really dark, the light from this store is almost the only light in this street. so, i  think this is really interesting design.